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Furosemide and alcohol

Consequences of combining Furosemide and alcohol

Everyone knows that drugs and alcohol are incompatible things. Alcohol is a powerful toxin that, in combination with medications, gives an unpredictable effect: it can become a catalyst for the manifestation of side effects of medications, block the therapeutic effect, and lead to serious consequences. One of these drugs is Furosemide.

Furosemide is a fast acting diuretic medication, which is produced by the manufacturer in ampoules and tablets. The drug belongs to the category of diuretics, which provoke an intense production of urine, is often used in medical practice to relieve puffiness, in the complex therapy of high blood pressure. Let us consider in detail whether it is possible to combine alcohol and Furosemide, what can come of it.

Prescribing the drug

The drug is prescribed only in those cases when it is necessary to remove excess fluid from the human body in a short time. The indications for taking Furosemide are as follows:

  • acute heart failure, which forms blood flow congestion
  • cirrhosis of the liver as a result of which blood pressure increases in the portal hepatic vein
  • renal failure
  • intoxication with barbiturates, harmful substances
  • pulmonary edema;
  • swelling of the brain
  • late toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • hypertension in its severe manifestation
  • relief of hypertensive crises

Often, a medicine is prescribed when other diuretics do not give the expected result. The use of Furosemide helps to eliminate the swelling that accompanies the above pathologies, thereby aggravating the patient's condition.

The negative effect is that after the withdrawal of excess fluid, a water-salt imbalance occurs. For this reason, in combination with a diuretic, the doctor prescribes medicines to maintain balance, as well as drugs that support and improve the functioning of the heart muscle.

Can you combine? How long before / after alcohol can you take the drug?

This diuretic is widely used in drug treatment clinics to eliminate the symptoms of addiction syndrome, but it is strictly forbidden to combine it with alcohol-containing drinks.

If the medication has been taken, then alcohol can subsequently be drunk in small quantities only after 6 hours, when the therapeutic effect is exhausted (provided that the kidneys function properly). In advance, you should worry about compensating for the lost fluid, which will help mineral water.

You can take the medicine after drinking alcohol after 6-7 hours.

Consequences of combining Furosemide and alcohol

The consequences of taking alcohol and furosemide

The described tandem leads to serious consequences, in some cases it even reaches a lethal outcome. Negative consequences from different body systems:

  1. Parallel intake of alcohol with medication negatively affects the activity of the digestive tract. Usually in such cases, a person develops nausea, vomiting, dries up in the mouth, and wants to constantly drink. With an inflamed pancreas, an exacerbation of pathology occurs.
  2. After the absorption of the two components into the blood plasma, they simultaneously cause an intense diuretic effect. The result is a sharp decrease in fluid, washing out of minerals and salts, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Subsequently, blood pressure decreases, blood circulation is impaired, which provokes arrhythmia, tachycardia and other diseases that can lead to cardiac muscle arrest.
  3. Negative combination affects the central nervous system - lowering blood pressure, the appearance of dizziness, pain in the head, weakness in the body, cramps of the limbs, depression.
  4. A large load is imposed on the urinary system. As a result, kidney failure can occur, in some cases, complete organ failure. This condition occurs so quickly that doctors are powerless.
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